Regardless of what kind of litter or litter box you use, look into this


Near-Perfect Litter


"What I found, for thirty cents a pound" — and more than twice the volume of clay clumping litter per pound! Cut your litter expense in half or more.


If you have KITTENS — don't use CLAY CLUMPING litters until they are older. (But you already know this.) What this page is saying is that it's better not to use clay clumping litter anyway. Aside from its sticky, greasy clumps, you have a better clumping choice—one better in every way— and so inexpensive, you can easily afford to change it ALL every week you should. And no silica dust for you or kitty to breathe.


This is not a sales pitch; I don't sell litter or have any financial stake in this whatsoever other than my own wallet.


You probably never heard of it. I hadn't, but after I tried it for a month, I was convinced. I've been spending hundreds of dollars a year on cheap clay litter, after using many kinds and brands, including typical clay clumping litters.


This new discovery is something that I want to pass on to all you feline Moms and Dads out there. It has no real negatives, except that if you live in a huge city it probably won't be easy for you to obtain unless you take a Saturday drive to "the country."


How Does the Following Sound to You?...Probably "Too Good to be True!"


  2. LITTLE DUST; it's corn dust, not clay with silica
  5. EASY CLEANING, NOT STICKY (God help you if you ever get a clump of typical clay clumping litter onto your shoes and onto a valuable rug)
  6. SAFE (How safe? I'd eat it in an emergency.)
  9. FLUSHABLE (in many cases, depending upon your sewer system. The clumps break apart when soaked again for awhile.)
  10. IT'S ACTUALLY MADE FOR BIRDS TO EAT (before kitty uses it)



There's a product on the market called "World's Best Cat LitterTM." It's made by GPC Pet Products. Take at look at it. It really is excellent litter, I tried it.


Yet, to my eyes and fingers and nose, it strongly resembles a particular kind of poultry feed that I heard about later.


Grain Processing Corporation (also GPC) did and does make many products, animal feed ingredients, and did make "World's Best Cat LitterTM," which is said to be made from all natural whole-kernel corn. I cannot currently verify that they still do manufacture WBCL -- it appears corporate names and subentities change with time. But that's irrelevant.


At stores near me who sell this fine "World's Best Cat LitterTM, it retails for what I think is an exorbitant price. It may be wonderful litter but I am not Warren Buffett or Bill Gates. Fifty pounds of WB litter, even though it's over twice the volume of typical clumping clay litter, would cost me a fortune.


Next, take a look at what I'm calling "Near-Perfect Litter" — what is fed to poultry, water fowl, and game birds all over the world — the formulation called "CRUMBLES." It is made by many different companies and the cheapest is usually "egg layer crumbles," what is fed to egg-laying chickens.


I can't call it the World's Perfect Cat Litter because that would be extreme hyperbole without objective, disinterested testing, in the manner of Consumer Reports. I haven't seen such tests for any litter so far in this country, much less the world. And there's the matter of trademarks. And of course these judgments are matters of opinion anyway. Near-Perfect is what I find this litter to be.


Many different manufacturers around the USA and abroad make these "CRUMBLES." They're made from corn with some added nutrients. The protein content of the lower-protein formulations, such as "Layer Crumbles" or "Egg Maker Crumbles" is about 15% to 17%. Formulations with more protein (Game Bird Crumbles, Broiler Crumbles) are equally good but cost a little more.


We're not feeding birds here. We're absorbing and collecting our kitties' urine and doodles, just as "World's Best Cat LitterTM" and every other litter in the world is supposed to do. And non-sticky, non-greasy clumping is a bonus. If you get this on a rug or track it on your feet, you can clean or vacuum it up easily. IT DOES NOT SMEAR and STICK LIKE PLASTER AS CLUMPING CLAY LITTERS DO. It rinses easily. It's lightweight too! Easier to lift and dump.


So here it is, here's what I use all the time with great results:


BLUE SEAL or Dumor (sold at Tractor Supply stores) brand "LAYER CRUMBLES"... Most brands are similar and depending upon where you live, you will find other brands at your local FEED MILL that's a supplier of foods for horses, cows, poultry, etc. Just ask someone who has a horse where they buy their feed, or look up "Feed Mills" in your phone directory.


I pay, along with high New York state sales tax, $15.30 USA for a 50-pound sack. That's 31 cents a pound. In some parts of the USA, 50-pound sacks of Layer Crumbles sell for less, depending upon current corn prices. Corn prices are high right now because of the demand to make ethanol and to sell to hungry folks in other countries.



Photo of crumbles, clay litter, and clay clumping litter

Crumbles (much more volume of litter per pound than the other two kinds) are on the left

Wal Mart Special Kitty regular clay litter is in the middle (incidentally, have you noticed the price increases in the past few years on this stuff?)


Scoop Away clay clumping litter (from Costco) is on the right. Very expensive.


They're what I used for a long time, while experimenting with others.


Here's what this "chicken food" looks like up close. It smells good too. After reading the label, I'd eat it as an emergency food.

Photo of bowl of crumbles and in my hand

I don't want to get involved in legal hassles, so I am not making any claims, any assertions, I am not showing a photo of "World's Best Cat LitterTM", and I am not a chemist. So —


Try what I did: Go buy yourself a bag of the "World's Best Cat LitterTM" and also a 50-pound sack or smaller of "Layer Crumbles" or "Wild Game Bird Crumbles" (whatever brand is cheapest and available at your store) — and put the Crumbles in one litter box and the "World's Best Cat LitterTM"in the other. Compare a week later: texture, odor, scoopability, clumping, tracking, dust, ease of use. Do you really see any significant difference, even though one costs several times as much? The only significant difference I find is that one is nutritious.


Note that there are other commercial grain-based litters, including ones made from wheat. They are not inexpensive, from what I've seen. I'm sold on "What I found, for thirty cents a pound."


Clay clumping litters also always smelled after a week or two, because there were urine and feces clumps that were small and fell through the sifter and they stank after a few days. But it is really expensive to dump an entire box of clay clumping litters each week.


As I work here at my computer I am about one meter from one litter box. With this poultry crumble litter, I can get a full two weeks' use before it stinks. It's surprising how well it naturally deodorizes.


But I don't wait that long. It's so cheap and lightweight and because I am responsible, I dump it all and change the litter entirely and wash and bleach the litter boxes each Monday morning. I know the kitties' noses are orders of magnitude more sensitive than mine. And, they walk on my pillows and over most surfaces I touch.

When I used plain unscented clay litter, I had to dump and change an entire box at least every three days, usually two.


I currently have two large boxes for six cats.

(See Better Litter Box)


I scoop each morning and evening.


Do you prefer the newer cat litter PELLETS, such as Pine Pellets? These are similar to those used for horses or other animals. Try them and see, but all that I've tried don't harden for scooping. I don't see any advantage, only a disadvantage when I cannot scoop out clumps -- the urine seems to make the pellets crumble!



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